Drivers in Northport can expect a smoother commute in the weeks ahead as paving projects are set to start Monday.

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"All five districts have repairs and resurfacing projects starting this Monday. Projects will move in order proximity paired with the greatest need," said Northport City Council Representative Christy Bobo.

"Some streets may seem in worse shape than the ones you see listed. Most likely, if that’s the case, we are seeking a longer term solution! If a road needs a bigger, greater amount of work (not just additional paving) we are working to partner with TCRIC, ALDOT, and others," Bobo said.

A full list of roads impacted by the resurfacing project can be found HERE.

"We are very excited that we are able to do this and this is going to hit a lot of different areas and a lot of different districts that have need,"  said Northport City Councilman Jeff Hogg. "We're doing everything we can to get new pavement and asphalt on the roads."

Drivers can anticipate delays in the areas mentioned above while crews are on site.

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