Officials in Northport have their noses to the grindstone trying to sniff out the cause of a widespread odor permeating the city Tuesday.

Reports have come in from all over the city Tuesday, with residents up and down McFarland, in Northwood Lake and Northside, Clear Creek, downtown and more all taking to social media to confirm their own experiences with the stench.

The reports were enough to prompt the police department to reassure citizens that the cause of the smell is under investigation.


(Northport Police Department)
(Northport Police Department)

"The Northport Police Department has received complaints of strong odors from areas across the city," they said. "We have yet to determine an exact cause of the odor or an exact location. We will continue to investigate the complaints and will update as soon as we have new information."

Requests for more information from City Hall had not been answered at the time this report was published.

For more updates on the smelly situation and the city's efforts to resolve it, stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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