Alabama's roadways saw an especially deadly long weekend, as the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency recorded a total of 10 fatalities over the Independence Day Holiday.

Six of those fatalities happened within West Alabama between midnight Friday, July 2 and 11:59 p.m. Monday, July 5. All of the ten Alabama fatalities occurred in vehicles that were equipped with seatbelts; however, only five of those killed were using seatbelts at the time of their accidents.

State troopers participated in both national and regional campaigns to reduced impaired driving and boating during the holiday weekend. ALEA's Highway Patrol Division reported a total of 81 DUI arrests while troopers in the Marine Patrol Division made 10 BUI arrests.

ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor noted a continued positive trend, however, as no boating or drowning deaths occurred on Alabama's waterways.

“Anytime a law enforcement agency can report zero boating and non-boating fatalities during two major holiday weekends, it is considered a tremendous safety accomplishment for both citizens as well as law enforcement officers. This is certainly a trend the agency will strive to continue throughout the summer months as more citizens  enjoy outdoor activities,” Taylor said.

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