Now There Is Another One; Tropical Depression Update

Things are really shaking up for Hurricane Season. We are closely monitoring the tropics as we near the peak of hurricane season, which runs from late August through late September. However, the Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1st until November 30th.

Now, Tropical Depression 14 has formed in the Caribbean and is projected to fortify into a tropical storm. This should enter the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday. Again, we know that the early projections of tropical developments can change over time because of different variables. At the time of this story, according to the Weather Channel, “there is the possibility this system could affect parts of the central or northwestern U.S. Gulf Coast next week.”

The next few days will be busy monitoring the tropics for sure. According to the National Weather Service, “the system is expected to move into the south-central Gulf of Mexico as a tropical storm on Sunday. Some strengthening is anticipated while it moves northwestward over the western Gulf of Mexico early next week.”

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(Source) For more from the Weather Channel, click here. For more from the National Weather Service, click here.

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