The Tuscaloosa County Violent Crimes Unit met with media Wednesday to discuss details regarding a robbery that occurred on June 12 at Tuscaloosa's Willow Lane that left one man dead.

Versaun Leonard, 19, was shot multiple times in a residence on Willow Lane just after midnight on June 12. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Officers eventually arrested Brenygha Edwards, 22, later that weekend on a capital murder charge.

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VCU Captain Marty Sellers told reporters that Edwards' capital murder charge was changed to a felony murder charge after discussions with the District Attorney concluded the current evidence does not support capital murder against her, but could possibly be upgraded in the future.

Edwards allegedly admitted to her role in the robbery gone wrong after she was located in Linden, Alabama.

Another suspect who was arrested for participating in the robbery was Justin Jenkins, 21. According to court documents, Jenkins confessed to his girlfriend he was attempting to rob Leonard of money and drugs and eventually shot him.

Jenkins' capital murder charge still stands. He will be jailed without bond until his case is resolved through a plea deal or trial, and if convicted of capital murder, he will either face life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Sellers said the VCU dhave identified three additional suspects and are currently gathering evidence to further the case.

"Cooperation from the community is encouraged. If you know something that is going on you can report it to the police through CrimeStoppers, where you are not identified," Sellers said.

The increase in crime has caused concern in the community and Sellers said the VCU will "never stop, never give up on a case."

To watch the full press conference, click here.

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