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The Tuscaloosa County High School Alumni Association has announced that they will be selling popcorn to raise funds for student scholarships this month.

The virtual fundraiser includes 10 different flavored popcorn bags and will offer popcorn tubs for their rendition on classic flavors such as "Butter Believe It!," "Caramel-Diem," "White Cheddar Go-Getter." Tony O'Rourke, a TCHS alumnus and member of the school board said that some of the proceeds will go towards the scholarship fund.

"We love all of our students at Tuscaloosa County High School. We are trying to help them with fundraising because we know that the school has kids who are not eligible for scholarships," O'Rourke said.

This is not the first scholarship fundraiser that the Alumni Association has organized. According to O'Rourke, the group of 12 members hosted a scholarship car wash, sold TCHS memorabilia and created and sold their own face masks.

The popcorn scholarship event will also be the first fundraising event for the brand new board of directors that was formed this January.

"There was a problem with some unfairness going on," O'Rourke said. "So we decided to shut it down and revamp it to be more diverse and more organized."

The alumni association began selling popcorn last week and the event is still ongoing. For more information or to buy some popcorn, check out the TCHS Alumni Association "Pop-Up" Store page here.

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