The SEC announced yesterday that each football player will be required to undergo an extra weekly COVID-19 test, upping the count to three per week prior to games.  Alongside the extra COVID tests, SEC players will be screened for myocarditis, the heart condition associated with COVID-19.

Mark Schlabach of ESPN reported the extra testing and enhanced screening were recommendations from the SEC's Medical Guidance Task Force.  Recently, five Big-10 athletes were found to have myocarditis as well as players from other conferences.  The SEC, being only one of three conferences still playing this season, clearly chose to take these reports seriously and increase protocols. The ACC and Big-12 will likely follow, as they are the two other conferences choosing to play this year.

Greg Sankey, SEC commissioner, in a recent statement said, "We remain vigilant in monitoring the trends and effects of COVID-19 as we learn more about the virus, and this cardiac evaluation enhances the effectiveness of the protocols already in place. We are confident in our institutions' ability to provide a healthy environment supported by rigorous testing and surveillance. Our student-athletes have indicated their desire to compete and it is our responsibility to make every effort to deliver a healthy and medically sound environment for providing that opportunity."

The SEC appears to be in prime position to push forward with the college football season.  The only issue standing in the way of playing, at this point, is the students.  Suck it up, wear a mask and we can all have a great football season.

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