An employee at Tuscaloosa's Bryce Hospital allegedly choked a patient and body-slammed him several times, police said in charging documents filed this week.

According to a deposition obtained by the Thread Wednesday, 25-year-old Ramelo Jovon Treadway-Travis was working at Bryce last Friday, July 14th, when he got into a verbal argument with a patient.

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This led to Treadway "physically assaulting [the patient] by shoving, body-slamming him multiple times possibly rendering him briefly unconscious, and forcefully pressing and holding his forearm on his throat for a total of 45 seconds."

The assault reportedly took place over a five-minute period shortly after 4 p.m. last Friday. Police said it was captured on hospital surveillance cameras and corroborated by several witnesses.

Treadway, a Fosters man, was arrested Friday and charged with Intentional Abuse or Neglect of a Protected Person Causing Injury, a Class C felony in Alabama.

He was booked in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, and court records indicate he has been released on a $2,500 bond.

Bryce Hospital is operated by the Alabama Department of Mental Health on Ruby Tyler Parkway in east Tuscaloosa. A spokesperson for the ADMH said Thursday she forwarded the Thread's request for comment about the alleged assault to their legal department for consideration, but the agency did not respond before the publication of this report.

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