Deasia Hamner, the best friend of Madison Sims, is reflecting on the journey of their friendship as she copes with her tragic loss.

Hamner struggles to come to terms with losing Sims hours after the pair enjoyed Paul W. Bryant High School's prom together. She shared pictures and videos of the two singing and dancing at the event on social media, not knowing those would be the last memories they would share together.

Sims, 17, along with her date, 18-year-old Samuel Brown were killed in a car crash Saturday just before 2 a.m. near Interstate 20/59 and Skyland Boulevard. Two additional passengers were taken to hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

Facebook: Slayed Proms
Facebook: Slayed Proms

Hamner said she met Sims in elementary school and was instantly drawn to her personality. The duo maintained their friendship over the years and spent a lot of time together.

"Madison would always come over and sleep at my house or I would go to her house," Hamner said. "We've been close since elementary and we just kept our bond. Even though we argued sometimes, we kept our bond and was still close."

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Hamner said on the day of prom, Sims helped keep her spirits up after some of her pre-prom festivities did not occur as planned.

"The whole day of prom I was mad," Hanmer said. "I was crying because I didn't get a chance to take my professional pictures and she wiped my tears. She texted in the group chat and said 'y'all stay positive we're going to have fun today'."

Hamner said she will miss her best friend's smile and the positive attitude she displayed which she said got her through some of the toughest times of her life.

"She helped me through depression and everything," Hamner said. "She kept my spirits up. When I needed to vent, she was there. When I needed her to do something for me, she was there and when she needed me to do something for her, I was there. She was the only friend I had that understood where I was coming from and understood how I felt about certain things."


A balloon release was held in Sims' honor Monday afternoon at Bryant High School. Hamner said if she were alive, she would have been happy to know she was loved and cared for by so many.

"Madison was always a quiet person so if she were to see all these people care about her, she would be smiling," Hamner said.

Hamner said despite how tough the last few days have been, she is holding on to the many memories they made and will remain happy like Sims would want her to be.

"Right before she left me, she kissed me on my cheek, so I feel better that she kissed me on my cheek and held my hand. She wouldn't want me sad so I'm not going to be. I'm going to keep smiling and praying for my strength. If she were here, I would tell her I love her and I'm going to keep her name alive. I just want one more hug and for her to tell me she's ok. That would make me feel better."

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