Former Oregon star pass rusher and expected top three pick in April's upcoming NFL Draft Kayvon Thibodeaux did not please anyone associated with the University of Alabama in his recent interview with Fox Sports' Joel Klatt when he chose to belittle the education that athletes and more importantly, students receive at UA.

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Klatt, a longtime naysayer of any kind of SEC supremacy on the football field, chose not to push back on Thibodeaux's comments in the moment.

Ironically, Thibodeaux was an advertising major during his time at Oregon.

Well Kayvon, you'll be surprised to find out that the University of Alabama boasts the No. 1 Advertising and Public Relations program in the entire nation. Roll Tide to that!

After the interview went viral and managed to alienate just about the entirety of the Alabama alumni base on Twitter, Klatt took to his own account around midnight Wednesday night to issue a short worded and half-hearted apology for not pushing back against Thibodeaux's words of slander against Alabama's education.

Certainly here, this has to be a case of too little too late for Klatt, at least in the eyes of people who actively attend or attended the University of Alabama. Twice during the interview and during Thibodeaux's misinformed rant against Alabama's education, Klatt repeated the words "No, I hear you," giving credibility and credence to a point that simply was not true.

While Thibodeaux, who is projected to be an NFL star, will likely not have to worry about taking a conventional career path for a college graduate, it is the responsibility of a journalist, especially one with such a high profile as Klatt to correct obvious misinformation like this.

Nonetheless, had things gone differently in his recruitment, I have no doubt that Alabama would have loved to have Thibodeaux on the gridiron, and Kayvon would have received a quality education in his field as well.

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