The University of Alabama announced that Zac Herring will be the face of its new ad campaign.

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The campaign will premiere this Saturday at the first football game of the season. UA released the details on Herring's education journey--including his love for drones--ahead of the event.

Although a current student at UA, Zac Herring already has graduated once.

He earned his first degree in operations management back in 2019. But after getting a career in the field, Herring realized it "wasn't how he envisioned his life."

Instead, he turned to aerospace engineering.

"Once I determined that's exactly what I wanted to do," said Herring, "I came straight back to the University of Alabama to pursue that."

Since returning to the University of Alabama, Herring has joined several organizations associated with flight and aerospace.

"That's where I became obsessed with drones..." he explained. "For me, that was the easiest thing to get into to be relatively close to flying."


Zac Herring

Herring's fascination with flight has taken him all the way to Colorado. This trip gave Herring the opportunity to use drones and study snowfall's effects on local water levels.

"The University offers lots of opportunities for undergraduate students," said Herring. "The experience that I've gained is tremendous."

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Being chosen for UA's new ad campaign is surreal for Herring, too. "To be the face of the University," he said, "it's just absolutely awesome."

Herring's ad will premiere at the football game opener in Bryant-Denny Stadium this Saturday.

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