According to a Tuscaloosa parent, there was a fight Wednesday morning at Hillcrest High School involving students and a parent.

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A Facebook post made by SanDrell Denise speaks about a fight that allegedly took place at Hillcrest High School and involved a mother and two students.

"Legal actions needs to be taken for the mother and the 2 girls needs to be disciplined as well," is what Denise posted on her Facebook page Wednesday.

There is said to be a video of the incident circulating that shows the fight. " That video was just sad and they all looked like animals on the ground fighting. So sad mad!!!!" Denise posted to her page, referring to the video that is said to be circulating.

During an interview, Denise spoke about the incident, "This morning I guess some girls got to fighting and the parent kind of pulled one of the kids and they just fell."

Denise says the altercation happened at 7:45 Wednesday morning.

When asked what could be done about situations like this, Denise simply said, "I think parents need to be held accountable. They have to do their job."

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Denise also spoke about how the community can help the students in the Tuscaloosa area.

"We don't know what they're coming from. Some kids probably didn't eat, probably just got abused or saw their parents doing drugs right before school, we don't know." Denise said.

"We have to get to the root. If you're not willing to get to the root, be quiet."

Denise referenced Hillcrest High student Cameron Prince who passed away in 2021. "The best thing that Cam would want us to do is when situations happen, we have to be the bigger person."

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