DCH Health System is warning the public to disregard a false story involving a Northport hospital that is circulating on social media.

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A Facebook post from DCH Health System said "fake news is being circulated about a baby boy being stolen from 'a local hospital' in Northport."

DCH Health System confirmed the allegation was false and no kidnapping has occurred at Northport Medial Center nor DCH Regional Medical Center.

The organization said similar false stories were shared in other cities around the country and said if the allegations were true, local authorities "would have issued something by now."

"In the fake posts, there is no mention of a specific hospital by name. In the event of an actual kidnapping, a CCTV image shown to the public would come from the local police department," the post stated.

The health system warns consumers to "recognize the small details that can mean the difference between real and fake news."

To read the full post from DCH Health System, click here.

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