A man once accused of capital murder for his alleged role in a 2020 homicide was convicted instead of the lesser charge of manslaughter in a jury trial last week.

Attorneys at the Glasscox Law Firm publicized the verdict in a press release last week on behalf of the defendant, Caleb Jashaun Harris.

As the Thread reported as it developed, Harris was arrested in October 2020 and became the second suspect charged with the capital murder of Justin Lanier Douglas.

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Police originally accused Harris and another man, Devonte Montel Hinton, of killing Douglas during a robbery gone wrong but as the cases progressed, prosecutors determined they did not have enough evidence to prove a robbery was committed.

The capital murder charges against both men were dismissed this year and Harris was reindicted for felony murder, which carries less harsh penalties than the former.

The murder trial began last Monday, April 8th, and on Thursday, the jury deliberated and found Harris not guilty of murder but guilty of a lesser charge, manslaughter.

Manslaughter is still a felony and Harris could still be sentenced to time in prison at a later hearing, but if convicted on the capital murder charge, the now 23-year-old could have been facing life in prison without the possibility of parole or even the death penalty. 

"We appreciate that this jury closely and critically reviewed the facts, and law, and surrounding circumstances in making their decision that my client's actions did not rise to the level of murder," attorney Elizabeth Glasscox said.

"The jury knew, and through their verdict has told all who care to hear, that Caleb Harris is not a murderer," attorney Stan Glasscox said. "For that, Caleb and I are most grateful."

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