Investigators in Tuscaloosa County are asking for help after two men were found dead in what police believe were likely related homicides.

Captain Jack Kennedy, the commander of the Tuscaloosa County Violent Crimes Unit, briefed local media on the killings Sunday afternoon.

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As the Thread reported previously, two bodies were discovered within a few miles of one another Sunday morning in Fosters -- one on Interstate 20/59 East, and another on nearby Frog Ridge Road.

Kennedy said police found the body on the interstate first -- a commercial truck driver called police and reported that he thought he struck a person in the roadway.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the VCU both responded, and Kennedy said although the driver did strike an adult man, his death is being considered a homicide and the driver is not a suspect. Kennedy said there is evidence to suggest the victim was killed or injured before the truck hit him.

Less than five miles away on Frog Ridge Road, another body was discovered soon after the first. Kennedy said the body belonged to another adult male, and police are also treating his death as a homicide, one likely related to the first.

"We're just now beginning this investigation but based on some of the evidence we recovered on scene, we're working under the presumption that these are homicides and are conducting a full-scale investigation," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said police do not believe there is an active threat to the community, but pleaded with anyone who knows anything about what happened Sunday morning.

"I would ask that any persons who were in the Fosters area or on the interstate that saw any incidents occurring with these individuals or any suspicious activity involving a white sedan in early morning hours around Frog Ridge Road, Gainsville Road, Highway 11 and the interstate in particular, we would ask them to call the VCU immediately, today if possible," Kennedy said.

The VCU can be reached at 205-464-8690.

If the deaths are confirmed to be homicides, they would be the second and third killings investigated in Tuscaloosa County so far this year.

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