The University of Alabama Police Department has placed a temporary watchtower on the Tuscaloosa Strip to observe the area from above during A-Day Saturday. The tower will allow officers to monitor the Strip when large crowds arrive in Tuscaloosa to watch the annual scrimmage.

According to a post on the Tuscaloosa Police Department’s Facebook page, the watchtower’s placement is temporary and nothing to be concerned over.

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“There have been no concerns or suggestions of any threats to businesses on the Strip,” the post said.

Bryant-Denny Stadium will allow more than 50,000 football fans to enjoy the game in person Saturday, so Tuscaloosa streets are certain to be more crowded than usual. Police will be able to observe the action from above, as well as at street level, thanks to the tower.

Additionally, with several high-profile crimes committed on the Strip and in downtown's Temerson Square, the tower is simply a precautionary measure to allow policemen to keep fans safe on A-Day.

“With all the destructive behavior on the Strip, maybe this needs to be a permanent fixture,” one reader commented on the Facebook post.

“It needs to be in Temerson Square with policemen in it,” another commenter said.

The post was well-received on Facebook, receiving 32 shares and 117 likes. Thanks to the watchtower, fans will be able to enjoy Alabama football knowing policemen are doing their job to protect them.

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