The University of Alabama is offering unrivaled salaries and benefits for new police officers, even those without any prior experience.

In a press release this week, a school spokesperson said UAPD is seeking officers and is willing to pay more than any other law enforcement agency in the region.

Officers with no prior experience can start at $65,200 and anyone who is already APOST certified can start at $71,240 annually. The Department is also offering more than $11,000 in recruitment and retention incentives.

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“So often in contemporary society, police officers are tasked with performing one of the most important and challenging jobs a person can do, and yet, they are often overworked and underpaid,” said UAPD Chief of Police John Hooks.

The high salaries also come with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, state retirement through Teachers' Retirement System of Alabama, 15 paid holidays and more leniency than other departments on appearance and grooming standards.

“At UAPD, we are blessed to have a work environment that allows us to get to know and partner with our community members while maintaining a safe and secure environment on campus,” said Hooks. “I want to help our officers grow and develop personally and professionally, which only makes us stronger as an institution and a police department.”

Officers generally work four 10-hour shifts and three set days off each week.

“We are looking for people with good character, a positive attitude, and the commitment to protect and serve our community,” said Hooks. “I sincerely hope anyone interested will apply and come work with our team at UAPD."

Learn more about the department and the opportunities available here.

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