Walt Maddox has been reelected as Tuscaloosa's mayor for a fifth term.

The Tuscaloosa native won in every one of Tuscaloosa's districts, earning 58% of the total vote. The final numbers are as follows:

  • Serena Fortenberry – 1,849
  • Martin Houston – 3,237
  • Walt Maddox – 7,480

Maddox celebrated his victory in a public speech at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater late Tuesday evening.

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"For us to win without a runoff speaks volumes that the people of Tuscaloosa decided two things, in my mind," Maddox said. "First, they decided that it's better to be united than divided. And number two, they decided that the future is better than the past. To be elected to a fifth term is an honor and a privilege."

Watch his entire victory speech here:

Challenger Martin Houston, who earned a distant second place, has not yet made a concession speech online or in person. Serena Fortenberry posted to her campaign Facebook page minutes after the race was called.

"If I have done nothing else, I hope that I have changed the conversations in Tuscaloosa, and directed more eyes toward city hall and what happens inside it," Fortenberry wrote. "I did a lot with a little. And worked hard. If you voted, volunteered, or donated to my campaign, I cannot thank you enough! It was worth it!"

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