Retired Tuscaloosa Police captain John Faile has been elected to serve in the District 6 City Council seat, runoff votes confirmed Tuesday.

Faile had received 939 votes to Pugh's 860 back in March, but Eric Gaines' 572 votes did not earn Faile the plurality. Pugh previously served on the council for the past two terms.

Here is how the votes shook out in the runoff:

  • Faile: 688
  • Pugh: 582
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Faile has protected and served Tuscaloosa for more than 45 years. His work as a TPD captain constantly showed him the best and worst of the city, giving him the perfect framework for how he can enact change.

The Tuscaloosa Thread spoke with Faile earlier this month to talk about his plans if he were to be elected. Here are a few of Faile's biggest campaign points that helped earn him the win:

  • Pro-law enforcement
  • Keep District 6 financially conservative
  • Oppose large money-borrowing plans brought forth by the city
  • Fix flooding issues on McFarland Boulevard
  • Address broken sewage Lift Station
  • Ensure District 6 gets a fair shake out of Elevate Tuscaloosa funds

The Tuscaloosa Thread caught up to Faile after his victory was announced.

“I just want to thank everyone that came out to vote, and I just want them to keep me accountable these next four years,” Faile told The Thread just minutes after hearing the results. He will assume the office of District 1 City Councilperson on May 17, 2021.

To see the results from the general election in March, click here. 

For all updates and information about the 2021 Tuscaloosa Municipal Elections, visit

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