A Sumiton family is still in shock after their beloved Christmas decorations were stolen by a heartless thief.

Harold Spradlin has been spreading holiday cheer for years by decorating his yard for the holiday season. Spradlin would place giant inflatables in his yard and decorate his home with Christmas lights after Thanksgiving. This tradition has spanned two decades, and the Spradlin family has invested thousands of dollars in their decorations.

"He loved having them because of the kids that have passed by or [whose] parents have stopped and walked around for over two decades smiling and looking at his inflatables," Harold's son Harold Junior said on Facebook.

The long-standing tradition came to a tragic end this year.

Harold Spradlin is currently fighting for his life after being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. His sons went to help their father decorate this year, but went they went to their dad's storage shed they shocked to find that the decorations were gone.

As you see in my Brothers post, someone stole my dads inflatables. We’ve been decorating this yard (Main Street Sumiton...

Posted by Harold Spradlin on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Spradlin family told ABC 33/40 News that although the theft has left them heartbroken, they are still holding onto the hope that the thief will return their dad's decorations.

I cannot understand why someone would want to steal Christmas decorations--that in and of itself is a heinous crime--but to steal these decorations from a man battling cancer on what could be his last Christmas--it's a level of callousness I can't comprehend.

The Grinch changed his mind at the last minute, and perhaps there is still a chance this thief will, too.

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