According to Ranker, currently “there are 51 women currently on Death Row in the United States, with women on Death Row in 17 states, along with one woman awaiting execution for federal crimes. The crimes of female Death Row inmates always include murder, but usually under special circumstances that juries feel merit the ultimate punishment.”

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Of those 51 women on Death Row, their crimes range from murdering their husband, children, or someone they know. The killings involved stabbings, burning someone alive, crazy plots of kidnapping, robberies that turn to murder, and the list goes on and on.

Are There Any Women from Alabama on Death Row?

Yes, the Alabama Department of Corrections reports that “5 women are on Death Row in Alabama.” Scroll through the gallery below to find out more about the crimes that led them to death row.

Click here to get more information from Ranker. Click here to visit the Alabama Department of Corrections.

The Five Women on Death Row in Alabama

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