Police have arrested a man who was reportedly carrying his baby in one arm when he opened fire on a man at Tuscaloosa's Hay Court Apartments Saturday.

Captain Jack Kennedy, commander of the multi-agency Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit, said officers were called to the West Tuscaloosa apartment complex around 12 noon Saturday on reports of a shooting there.

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Kennedy said officers found that several women at the apartments had been arguing Saturday morning, which led to at least two men also getting involved in the disagreement.

According to court documents filed Monday, the 29-year-old victim drew a pistol in each hand during the course of the argument but had not fired them.

Another man, 29-year-old Tylers Ladavias Cooper, reportedly saw the first man holding the guns and, with a baby in one arm, pulled a firearm of his own, walked over to the first man and opened fire.

Cooper allegedly told police that the victim had pointed a gun at him, his girlfriend and the baby before shots were fired, but investigators said surveillance video showed "Cooper pulled his weapon and fired at [the victim] without provocation."

The victim was shot twice but is expected to survive his injuries. An occupied apartment was also struck by a bullet in the exchange.

Cooper, who lives at Hay Court, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling for the gunplay and with reckless endangerment for the risk he posed to the child.

Cooper was booked in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a combined $200,000 bond.

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