The city of Northport has given official names to the sports complex and tournament ball fields under development on the banks of the Black Warrior River.

As the Thread has previously reported, the mission to transform the area around Kentuck Park is one of three major recreational projects underway in the city. Also in the works are a water park on Highway 82 and an outdoor adventure and mountain biking park off Rose Boulevard.

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The sports complex will add nine tournament-ready baseball and softball fields, pickleball and tennis courts and more to a broad area the council voted to rename Northport Shore.

It will include Warrior Baseball, Kentuck Park, the existing levee trail and River Run Park, the new name for the tournament fields facility.

The council adopted the two new names unanimously during their Monday night meeting, and said they are looking forward to breaking ground on the Northport Shore project soon - efforts to move dirt on-site that will become the ball fields were underway last month.

The council stressed that this would not change the names of Kentuck Park or the Warrior Baseball, but that those entities would become known as Kentuck Park at Northport Shore.

The council also voted to adopt a new master plan for the complex which makes use of more land around the Black Warrior River - city staff said an area of property they expected to be designated as wetlands was found to be viable for development and the master plan has been tweaked accordingly.

For more from the city of Northport and the recreation projects as they develop, stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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