Sweet Olive Eats, a high-end food truck, will soon be serving elevated entrees and swanky snacks in and around Tuscaloosa. 

The owners of the truck, veterans of the Druid City's hospitality scene, say it will also function as a catering company and will serve alcohol.

Lauren Shoemaker, the truck's co-owner and operator, said Sweet Olive Eats is not a typical food truck.

“We will have an elevated menu and dining experience, not just handing the food over the window,” Shoemaker said.

For instance, the truck's menu will boast many unique options, including beer-battered asparagus, a stuffed poblano pepper burger and much more, all at prices under $14. 


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Shoemaker will run the business with  Amanda Ball, her friend since college. They said the name came from Ball, who recently realized a sweet olive tree was growing in her yard. She said the plant brings an amazing smell and a classy, southern touch to her home and the duo thought it was only fitting to try to do the same with their business. 

Both Shoemaker and Ball have backgrounds in the service industry. The pair bartended through college and much of their lives, and Shoemaker also opened Casual Class Bar Services a few years ago. 

The duo also co-owned a catering business but unfortunately lost their kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of giving up, Shoemaker and Ball turned “lemons into lemonade” and began brainstorming a new way to cater and began work on an elevated food truck opportunity.

“Since coming here for college, we are both devoted to this town, and we wanted to do something different and unique here,” Shoemaker said.

She said the new food truck enterprise will be rooted in friendliness and their passion for great food and great service.  

Their menu currently has several options categorized as "munchies" and "mains." Fresh pretzels with beer cheese, grilled chicken pitas and jalapeno bacon grilled cheese sandwiches are just a few items soon to be available at Sweet Olive Eats, and all mains come with a side salad or tater tots. 

Shoemaker said they hope to offer casseroles and meal-prep options in the near future for a healthier selection. 


To keep up with their development, follow Sweet Olive Eats on Facebook or check them out soon at an event near you -- they have already confirmed they'll be on site at Pink Box Burlesque's August 21st performance at the Historic Drish House.



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