The National Weather Service in Birmingham and Huntsville are conducting a survey to mark the 10-year remembrance of the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak.

The survey will gather personal stories and images from survivors, which will be featured on a developing website dedicated to the devastating tornado outbreak. According to the NWS, all stories are encouraged from participants including accounts of survival, tragedy, loss and search and rescue.

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The city of Tuscaloosa is also coming together to host small events in remembrance of the April 27 tornadoes as its 10-year anniversary approaches. Mayor Walt Maddox spoke with The Tuscaloosa Thread earlier this month to briefly provide insight on the city's plans to remember such a devastating day.

"What we wanted to do was create a scenario by which we were able to give all those who lost so much the ability to reflect, while at the same time, we understand people are always going to be in different places of how they feel about that day. So, we went with the theory that less is more," Maddox said. "We will have three separate sites [and each site] will have a memorial plaque. In Rosedale we will honor the victims, at Forest Lake we will honor the volunteers and in Alberta, we will honor the first responders."

Maddox acknowledged that the day will likely be a very difficult for those who remember the events from 10 years ago, but he wants to make sure his city's people know that it's better to remember and honor than to simply forget.

"I think everyone's going to be feeling that [difficulty]," he said. "We wanted to do something that was appropriate, but not something that causes any more pain."

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