The Tuscaloosa Dancing Stars organization is in the middle of a major rebrand after losing their original dance studio in the 2011 tornado outbreak. The Tuscaloosa Dance studio will now host their well-anticipated 2021 Dance Camp on Sunday, April 25 due to inclement weather. 

Dancing Stars founder and owner Tanika Rice announced the news on Facebook Friday, which sparked much excitement on social media.

Rice spoke with the Tuscaloosa Thread about the upcoming Dance Camp as well as future plans for the Dancing Stars Studio.

Like many other local organizations, Rice said Dancing Stars experienced a minor halt in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the group remains determined and finds creative ways to keep the community involved.

"Right before the pandemic, I was about to sign a lease on a new building. But when the pandemic happened and everything closed down, I didn't sign them because I didn't know what was going on," Rice explained. "So, [Dancing Stars] won't have a new building right now."

In an attempt to keep local dancers active and motivated during the brief hiatus in between seasons, Rice said they will be hosting a series of dance camps in 2021.

"We will be reintroducing the community to Dancing Stars, so people who've never heard of us, or our programming can come experience our programming and see, you know, 'Hey, is this something I would like to be a part of,' Rice said.

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The Dancing Stars have been apart of the Druid city since 2006 and have gained national attention here. Unfortunately, the original Dancing Stars studio was destroyed in the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak.

Rice said she expects the organization to have a new home by August 2021.

"For anybody that comes through our program, it's about building your self-esteem, for you to go out and accomplish anything that you want," Rice said. "We call ourselves dancing stars, because what we do is we tell everybody that comes through those doors, you're beautiful and you are a star and you are able to accomplish anything that you want to."

Watch a short teaser of what Dancing Stars has in store for you below.

For more information about Dancing Stars and how to get your child involved, click here.

Courtesy of Tanika Rice
Courtesy of Tanika Rice
Courtesy of Tanika Rice



















Courtesy of Tanika Rice







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