Additional demolition of the McFarland Mall property is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.

Tuscaloosa Business Mogul Stan Pate owns the McFarland Mall property, and Pate announced today (Monday, February 22) that he has slated additional demolition to start at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, February 23). Pate shared drone footage of advance demolition prep to Facebook moments ago.

The drone appears to be hovering above the portion of the mall that was once home to the "Killer Buzz" Arena, Michael's, Spirit Halloween Store, and many, many years ago a Woolco.

Pate hopes to build a state-of-the-art SportsPlex on the property and demolished a building that once housed Chili's restaurant in December of 2020.

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In a twist that can only be accounted to kismet, the McFarland Mall property reached a milestone on Friday, February 19th--the 62nd anniversary of the mall's opening date. McFarland Mall was Tuscaloosa's first indoor mall, attracting shoppers with Pzitiz, Woolco, Butler Shoes, and many more. McFarland Mall is actually the second-oldest indoor mall in the state of Alabama and has certainly seen a lot in its years in the Druid City.

The mall was revitalized in the early 1990s with the addition of an expansive food court and a Goody's department store; however, it wasn't long before the mall fell out of fashion. The portion of the mall that housed Gayfer's (later Dillard's) was torn down in the early 2010's.

What do you remember about McFarland Mall? Share your stories with us using our app chat and then check out this awesome post from SkyCity2 with more details on McFarland Mall's opening day in 1969.

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