On a day where the college football world was crumbling, Alabama welcomed "The GOAT."

Michael Jordan was a surprise Zoom guest in the Alabama Crimson Tide football meeting room. Jordan became the latest in a long line of special guests that Nick Saban has brought in to talk to the team about leadership and mindset.

Jordan spoke to the team about dealing with outside noise, and the sacrifices of being a leader. Pertinent topics for the times as the Alabama football team is trying to focus on improving and growing as a team while ignoring the possibilities of a season being canceled. As a football team, the players have had to sacrifice freedoms and submit themselves to rigorous health and safety protocols in order to hold a season.

The six-time NBA champion talked about his competitive mindset and what it takes to be the best.

"Winning has a price, you have to put forth the effort every single day...Coaching can only give you the motivation, they can give you the plays and all that, at the end of the day you have to have self-determination. You have to want to be the best...If you're all on the same page and everybody wants to win, that's the whole process. If you guys sitting there, put on that Alabama uniform your attitude is about winning. Winning is a part of me, I will do anything to win. Your energy should be towards winning," said Jordan to the team.

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