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Jimbo Fisher had many topics to cover when he took the stage at SEC Media Days, but none more so than the offseason spat between himself and Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

In May, as many of you likely remember, coach Saban called out Fisher and the Aggies for having, "bought every player on their team." Saban's inflammatory comments spread like wildfire immediately, and Fisher quickly responded with an emergency press conference the following morning.

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The veteran Texas A&M coach appeared frustrated and angry with Saban, calling him a narcissist and claiming, "Maybe somebody should have slapped him."

On Thursday, Fisher again addressed the controversy, but this time with a much lighter tone.

Fisher was asked about him and Saban's relationship, responding with, "Listen, we're great. Two competitive guys that go at it. We all learn from things we do in our business," the coach continued, "Two competitive guys on a topic that is very - everywhere, as they say."

"I have great respect for Nick. Unfortunately, our thing went public. Sometimes that happens in this world (...) We all will learn, like I say. [Saban] will learn, hopefully I learn from things we do and say and move on from there."

Fisher also addressed the more recent controversy to strike his program, sharing a comment on wide receiver Ainias Smith's arrest.

Fisher said, "With Ainias, we're getting all the evidence and the things that go on, then we'll make a comment. We have no comment at this time."

Smith was slated to appear at SEC Media Days following Fisher, but was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and subsequently suspended.

The Aggies kick the 2022 season off with a matchup against Sam Houston State at home, and will have to travel to Tuscaloosa on October 8.

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