The college football transfer portal window opened for its spring period on Saturday. Subsequently, the Alabama Crimson Tide football program held its second scrimmage on Saturday as the program is now winding down the spring practice period.

According to On3's Matt Zentiz, Alabama redshirt freshman tight end Elijah Brown has entered the transfer portal.

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It is unclear at the moment why Brown has opted into the transfer portal before spring practice has come to a conclusion. However, Alabama head coach Nick Saban went into the transfer portal this offseason to secure tight end CJ Dippre and recruited the position well in 2023.

Saban commented on the tight ends after the second scrimmage and Brown went unnamed.

“CJ’s done a really good job. He was having a little ankle sprain or foot sprain or something for a while and missed a little bit, but I think he’s gonna be a good player for us. He’s a good competitor. He can do all three things you want him to do at tight end, whether it’s playing the C area, be an H-back type of blocker or split out and be a good receiver. We’re excited about him and the contribution he can make," said Saban.

And that whole tight end group this spring has really – Danny Lewis has really made a lot of progress. Amari has made a lot of progress. That whole group has really made a lot of improvement. Robbie Ouzts is not out there because of injury, but I’ve really been encouraged by how that group has improved and progressed.”
Brown is a 4-star prospect from the 2022 class out of Dayton, OH. He didn't see any action in the 2022 season and thus redshirted. Alabama is left with Dippre, Amari Niblack and Robbie Outz as its primary tight ends for the 2023 season.

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