Crumbl Cookies, a hugely popular gourmet cookie chain, still has plans to open a new location in Tuscaloosa and aims to do so by the end of September.

Crumbl is known for its rotating menu, introducing four unique cookie flavors each week that are inspired by a variety of desserts and foods, from warm buttermilk pancakes to chilled orange creamsicles. Customers are always able to see the delicious cookies being baked and dressed behind the counter, guaranteeing their freshness.

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The cookie chain announced it was coming to Tuscaloosa location in September 2021, and Crumbl Press has recently confirmed that the store is scheduled to open sometime in Q3, sometime from July to the end of September of this year.

Crumbl already has six stores open in Alabama, but none in Tuscaloosa. Their press office told the Tuscaloosa Thread that their Druid City location will be somewhere along Veterans Memorial Parkway between Starbucks and Aspen Dental.

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Crumbl Cookies Coming to Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Crumbl Cookies recently announced plans to bring a franchise to the Druid City. Take a look at some of the sweet offerings available on a rotating basis at Crumbl stores.

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