Elected officials are speaking out following another tragic murder in the Druid City Saturday.

Tuscaloosa City Councilor and Public Safety Chairwoman Raevan Howard said she is disturbed by the recent surge of violence within the city.

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“The unfortunate news of more gun violence in our community is quite disturbing, and more specifically what took place in City Council District 2 where I am the city council representative. This incident involved another senseless murder of a young man at the hands of someone committing a crime by using a gun," Howard said.

"There is no easy answer to gun violence that is wreaking havoc on communities throughout the nation! We must address this problem from the top down. There has to be federal, state and local legislation that must address gun control. We must discount the notion that the availability and easy access to guns will reduce crime in our community!" Howard added.

"We must start by removing automatic and semi-automatic guns from our streets. This can happen only if we pass laws that will provide stiffer penalties for those who are caught with such weapons in their possession," Howard said. "Again, we must work together to create and enforce these laws to have faithful communities."

City Council President Kip Tyner expressed his frustration with the recent violence in Tuscaloosa.

“When I hear of these shootings I think to myself this can’t be MY Tuscaloosa! It’s tragic - it’s senseless - and makes me angry. We’ve got to take back our city!” Tyner said.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox hopes the community can work together to reduce violence in the city.

“The City is all-in with its efforts to fight crime. Whether it is fully supporting TPD or significantly investing in the recommendations of Project Unity, we will do more. However, we can’t do this alone. Federal and state partners can help by taking action to slow down the proliferation of illegal guns on the streets. Faith-based, social service and community agencies can target our most vulnerable youth and communities. Individuals who know something bad is going to happen must say something. We all share a responsibility moving forward so let’s get to work," Maddox said.

Howard, Tyner, and Maddox plan to host a roundtable discussion about recent violence at Tuesday's pre-council meeting. City Council representatives are slated to participate along with representatives from the Tuscaloosa Police Department and other city leaders.


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