Although COVID-19 is still a concern in Alabama, there is a new outbreak that residents are worried about.

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Across the country, Monkey Pox is threatening the safety of not only adults but our children. Alabamians are especially on high alert since students are returning to classrooms across the state.

Recently, there has been chatter on social media about a potential Monkey Pox outbreak at Central High School in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Central High School's Principal, Dr. Teresha Jones, addressed the Monkey Pox rumor earlier this week.

"I have been notified that the post has since been removed," said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones explained that the rumors aren't true and denied any cases of Monkey Pox at Central High School.

"I wanted to personally address this post and confirm that we DO NOT and HAVE NOT had any reported cases of this disease at Central High School. We are all good at the Falcon's Nest and, Lord willing, we will continue to stay that way! Please let us be great!"

With the school year in full swing, a confirmed case of Monkey Pox at Central High School would surely cause parents to be concerned. According to Dr. Jones, there aren't any Monkey Pox cases at Central High School.

To see Dr. Jones' full statement addressing the rumor of Monkey Pox at Central High School, click here. 

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