The House Plant Collective, a Birmingham-based store for hobbyists and hardcore gardeners alike, is planning to open a brick-and-mortar store in Tuscaloosa later this month. 

Jessica Watts, who owns and operates HPC, said they offer succulents, cacti, flowers and more and provide superior customer experience to all their patrons. 

“We strive to have a very welcoming and open community and space in our shops,” Watts said.


HPC launched in 2019 when Watts started hosting plant swaps in Birmingham. She said she saw an immediate response and soon found more than 50 people participating attending each event. 

Watts decided to buy a bus and transform it into a mobile store-front from which she could sell plants in a flexible and portable way. She said the bus allowed her to be mobile and visit towns all over Alabama that do not have a specialty shop for house plants. 

Her dream came true last summer, when Watts began traveling the state in the bus. She also launched HPC's website for online sales and opened her first physical store in Avondale last December.

The decision to open a brick-and-mortal in Tuscaloosa came after a successful bus trip here, Watts said. 

“We saw a need that was not being met, and so we're excited to be a part of the new Tuscaloosa community,” said Watts. 

She said the Tuscaloosa store will feature a mixture of tropical house plants that should delight anyone looking to add some greenery to their living spaces. 

Watts said because Tuscaloosa has such a large student population, the shop here will offer a ton of small, low-care plants that would be perfect for a dorm or apartment. 

The HPC experience is catered to each customer, Watts said. They plan to sell small amounts of soil and fertilizer instead of normal, enormous bags that have far too much product for house plant hobbyists. The store will also will provide potting services for customers. 

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Watts said HPC specializes in one-on-one plant care and each plant sold comes with basic care tags, including names and other factors specific to each plant. 

She said HPC regularly posts pop-up shops and partners with local business to showcase the work of other entrepreneurs and get more familiar with the Tuscaloosa area. 

HPC will have workshops for plant care, plant swaps events, classes on making terrarium and moss walls and more to re-introduce the people of the Druid City to more plant activities. 

Located at 410 Queen City Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, HPC is in the heart of Tuscaloosa.

HPC hope to have events for game days in the fall, they want to cater to customers everyday, even on hectic football Saturday.

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