The No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide (22-3) fell to the No. 2 Florida State Seminoles (25-1)  6-5 on Wednesday night in a rematch of last season College Softball World Series matchup.

The Seminoles trailed the entirety of the game but came up with a 3-run Michaela Edenfield homerun in the sixth inning to tie the game. Florida State scratched two more runs across the board due to two poor Ashley Prange defensive plays in the seventh inning to ultimately seal the game.


Top of the 1st Inning: Lexi Kilfoyl forces a groundout by Kaley Mudge to second base Megan Bloodworth, Sydney Sherril lines out to Ashley Prange. Kilfoyl falls behind in the count to Mack Leonard 3-0, battles back to a full count and forces a fly ball out to Jenna Johnson for the third out. Florida State goes three up, three down in the first inning.

Bottom of the 1st Inning: Jenna Johnson strikes out swinging to lead off for the Tide. Ashley Prange grounds a ball past the short stop to get aboard with a single. Ally Shipman hits a line drive past the second basemen for a single and advances Prange. Kaylee Tow takes her second pitch of her at-bat to straight away centerfield for a 3-run homerun. The senior's second homerun of the year and 16th RBI. Bailey Dowling strikes out swinging for the second out of the inning. Abby Doerr flies out to the left fielder to end the inning. Alabama manufactures three runs off three hits but strikes out twice as well.


Top of the 2nd Inning: Kalei Harding flies out to Jenna Johnson, Devyn Flaherty grounds out to Kaylee Tow and Michaela Edenfield draws a walk. Edenfield is FSU's first baserunner. Centerfielder Jahni Kerr strikes out to end the inning and strand Edenfield.

Bottom of the 2nd Inning: FSU brings in senior pitcher Kathryn Sandercock. Megan Bloodworth attacks the first pitch of the inning but grounds out to second base. Savannah Woodard strikes out swinging. Dallis Goodnight grounds out to Sandercock to end the inning 1-2-3.


Top of the 3rd Inning: Hallie Wacaser grounds out to Ashley Prange, Josie Mufley strikes out swinging and Kaley Mudge flies out to Dallis Goodnight.

Kilfoyl through three innings has struck out two batters while only allowing one base by way of a walk.

Bottom of the 3rd Inning: Jenna Johnson pops out to second base. Ashley Prange grounded out to Sandercock for out number two. Ally Shipman grounds out to first base. Alabama is retired in order for the second straight inning.


Top of the 4th Inning: Sydney Sherrill draws a walk after a long at-bat. Mack Leonard arrives safely on a fielder's choice, the lead runner is thrown out at second for the first out. Leonard advances to second on a wild pitch. Harding chops one back through the middle and brings in Leonard for the first FSU run, Harding ends up on second after poor ball handling in the outfield. Devyn Flaherty strikes out swinging. Michaela Edenfield strikes out swinging to end the inning and strand Harding on second base.

Bottom of the 4th Inning: Kaylee Tow leads off the inning with a quick ground out to second base. Bailey Dowling lines out to the short stop for two quick outs. Abby Doerr strikes out swinging. The Tide is retired in order for the 3rd consecutive inning.


Top of the 5th Inning:  Jahni Kerr strikes out swinging, it's her second strikeout of the evening. Hallie Wacaser smokes the first pitch she sees past 3rd base for a long single. Josie Muffley sacrifice bunts to advance the runner for the Seminoles. Kaley Mudge flies out to Savannah Woodard to end the inning and strand a runner on second base.

Kilfoyl has now allowed just 2 hits, with 5 strikeouts and 2 walks on 81 total pitches.

Bottom of the 5th Inning: Megan Bloodworth makes Sandercock work for it but goes down on a drop third strike. Savannah Woodard battles Sandercock and comes away with a double on a line drive. She's Alabama's first baserunner since the first inning. Dallis Goodnight lays down a perfect bunt to not only advance the runner to third but get to first safely. Jenna Johnson lays another bunt down, Woodard scores from third. Ashley Prange flies out to centerfield for the second out of the inning, Goodnight and Johnson stay on second and first respectively. Ally Shipman gets good contact but right to second base to end the inning. Alabama now leads 4-1.

Alabama excellently executed back-to-back bunts to move Woodard from 2nd to home to manufacture a run that could be huge for the Tide to hold onto this lead.


Top of the 6th Inning: Sydney Sherrill worked for a leadoff walk. Mack Leonard flies out to Dallis Goodnight, Goodnight holds Sherrill at first base. Kalei Harding fouls out to Ally Shipman for the second out. Devyn Flaherty hit a hard ball to Ashley Prange who can't handle it. Flaherty gets to first safely and Sherrill advances to second. Michaela Edenfield took Kilfoyl deep off the left field foul pole for a 3-run homerun to tie the game. Chloe Culp draws a walk to keep the inning going. Hallie Wacaser strikes out to end the inning.

A leadoff walk and error on Prange allowed extra baserunners for the Seminoles which led to the costly homerun.

Bottom of the 6th Inning: Kaylee Tow leads off the inning with a ground out to first base. Bailey Dowling strikes out swinging for the second out. Abby Doerr grounds out to first base for a quick inning.


Top of the 7th Inning: Josie Muffley grounds out to Ashley Prange for the first out. Kaley Mudge hits a liner up the middle for a single to get on base for FSU. Sydney Sherrill hits a line drive to left field for a double, Mudge advances to third. Alabama subs in Montana Fouts for Lexi Kilfoyl to attempt to shut down the Seminole inning.

Mack Leonard found Prange on a ground ball but another error on the 3rd base, Mudge scores. Kalei Harding grounds out to 3rd base, Sherrill scores and now the Tide have two outs. Devyn Flaherty strikes out to end the inning. FSU takes a 6-4 lead into the final frame.

Bottom of the 7th: Megan Bloodworth grounds out for the first out of the inning. Savannah Woodard ropes a double into the right field gap. Dallis Goodnight reaches on an infield single putting runners on the corners with just one out. Savannah Woodard scores on a wild pitch, Goodnight advances to second. Jenna Johnson strikes out on a check swing. The Tide down to its last out, turns to Ashley Prange. Prange grounds out to shortstop to end the game.


Alabama was led by Lexi Kilfoyl's 6.1 inning's pitched, she gave up 6 runs on 5 hits while striking out 6 batters and walking 4. Offensively for the Tide Kaylee Tow led the way with a 3-run homerun in the first inning.

The Tide was sent down in order offensively in four of its seven innings.

FSU pitcher Kathryn Sandercock managed 6 innings in relief and took home the win. She allowed 2 runs on 5 hits while striking out 5 and walking none.

The Alabama Crimson Tide looks ahead to the weekend as SEC play continues. Alabama welcomes Kentucky into the Rhoads house for a three-game weekend series beginning on Friday.

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