According to Josh Pate of 247Sports, the dynamic duo of Dr. Matt Rhea and David Ballou is breaking up. Dr. Rhea is reportedly going to take a position with the New Orleans Saints, while Ballou is expected to stay at Alabama.

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Dr. Rhea and Ballou joined the Crimson Tide in the spring of 2020 in the middle of the Fourth Quarter program. The pair revolutionized the way Alabama approached strength and conditioning. As a group they empathize speed training while closely monitoring energy output.

Dr. Rhea utilized the Alabama's Sports Science Center to examine data and maximize recovery for Crimson Tide athletes. He came by way of Indiana University and IMG Academy in Florida.

It remains to be seen if Alabama will fill his vacated position, but retaining Ballou allows for a continuation of the in-depth analysis of Crimson Tide strength and conditioning. Ballou spent time with Dr. Rhea at IMG and Indiana but does boast a strong resume without him at Notre Dame.

Spring practice is quickly approaching for the Crimson Tide as A-Day is only 47 days away, therefore head coach Nick Saban will likely move swiftly if he wishes to fill Dr. Rhea's shoes.

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