"Salty" Saban IS back. He's not happy. If Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban ain't happy, NOBODY in Bama Nation should be happy.

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It seems the new NIL system has the greatest of all-time displeased. Putting it mildly. NAME. IMAGE. LIKENESS. Another stupid idea, in this columnists humble opinion.

The NCAA tries to put Band-Aids on bullet holes with regularity throughout history.

I do believe that a simple system, ok maybe not SIMPLE, could have been put in place to pay college football players a decent and affordable wage for putting their health on the line for our amusement. And, of course, for the University and their bank account.

I should not even need to make points about how much coaches (especially HEAD) are paid for this to make complete sense.

This way, everyone feels like they are being valued. Instead of a QB getting $2 million deals and that lineman playing his rear end off isn't a tad....under appreciated, in his mind.

Coach Nick Saban says today that the new (and predictable) move of USING the NIL to "recruit" is "Not why we did this!"

This comes after the oh-not-so-funny Joey Freshwater (aka Lane Kiffin) "joked" about how they "paid" for their top ranked class.

According to Alex Scarborough at ESPN, Coach Saban also failed to see the humor and even alluded to it being the ONE thing that could frustrate him enough to retire.

That would be criminal. To lose the greatest asset to a fantastic sport because of reckless individuals never afraid to CHEAT or BEND RULES to get a win.

In fact, using the NIL system as an inducement for recruiting purposes is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED.

How much you think that matters to programs trying to BEAT Alabama in 2022, 2023 and beyond?


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