No, no, no, no, NO! 

In this piece, you'll hear straight from the "victim" of this spider attack (Yes, in my ear is an attack) and get her version of the facts.

This columnist could live the rest of my life without another SHOCKING story about atrocious spiders.

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I know I'm not the only person living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with a deep hatred of spiders (and many other critters) that I will never get over.

Very few people love spiders.

That statement has to be 100% true.

The only people that "like" spiders are the very, very, very strange types with a "pet" spider.

Or snake. That's just as messed up as the spider thing.

It's almost winter in West Alabama.

Things get turned upside down for the eight legged among us here in the Deep South.


According to the American Arachnological Society, many spiders are "ectothermic".

Meaning they can change their body temperatures based on the surroundings. As temps really start to fall, they produce a chemical inside their bodies very similar to antifreeze.

This allows them to survive when it's below freezing. I don't want to know these amazing facts.

I would think with cooler temps, the eight leg evil creatures would sneak inside


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That would explain why a lovely woman from Centreville, Alabama experienced a real life horror film.

I spoke with her today about her dreadful ordeal. Earlier this week, a deadly brown recluse spider crawled in the ear of Melissa (asked not to reveal her last name), 36, as she slept.

It then took up residence in her ear.

I can't believe this could happen to a person.

It is truly terrifying.

Here she talks about never thinking this could happen to anyone.



Yeah, I agree my dear.

Next, she describes what she initially felt in her ear.

Finally, when the doctors discovered it was a brown recluse spider in her ear.

That is unbelievable, especially considering the brown recluse has a seriously dangerous bite.

How did it reside inside her ear for days and never bite her?

What happens if she did get bit deep in her ear canal.

I better stop. I am torturing myself.

I can assure every person reading this that I now own multiple packs of earplugs.

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