One local Tuscaloosa business is spreading holiday cheer in a particularly unique way: West Alabama Wholesale is collecting bills from people in the community and is paying off one bill a day as a way to help those struggling through the Christmas season.

People can come deliver bills to the auto dealership, and they'll be placed in red envelopes on the "Tree of Life." The car dealership will is drawing one bill at random per day that will be paid off by both private and public benefactors.

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"We're teaming with everybody that's around here, we're trying to make it a community affair," said Tre Lanier, Marketing Director for West Alabama Wholesale. "We want to show that we're not just a car dealership."

On Thursday, December 9, West Alabama Wholesale is hosting a massive event to invite more people to come and contribute to the tree. Several food trucks will be at the event as will some various fun activities, Lanier said.

Several bills have already been paid, but Lanier said he would appreciate the help of any additional public or private donors interested in paying off a bill or two. The car dealership will be collecting bills until December 20, Lanier saying they don't want to overcommit and make empty promises.

Lanier told The Thread that they're open to paying off any type of bill, but reassured this was not just an open invitation for anyone and everyone to throw their bills to the wind.

"It's about helping people that really need this," Lanier said. "People making the decision to either eat, pay a bill or get their medications."

West Alabama Wholesale is located at 3010 Skyland Boulevard.

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