Storms in Tuscaloosa left a major impression on the city over the weekend. Roads were impacted, one person died after his car was swept away by floodwaters, and sinkholes appeared after rainfall totals reached five inches.

The University of Alabama was impacted as well, suffering damage to multiple buildings on its campus.

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According to a news release from the University, the following buildings sustained damage to some of its areas:

Doster Hall (Basement areas and rooms unavailable for two weeks):

  • Room 0010
  • Room 0001
  • Room 0002
  • Room 0005

Farrah Hall (Rooms unavailable for 2 weeks):

  • Classroom 120
  • Classroom 116
  • Meeting room 118

Reese Phifer Hall (Rooms unavailable for 1 week):

  • Studio Control Room 0118
  • Office 134
  • Classroom 130
  • Classroom 180

Bureau of Mines (Rooms unavailable from 1 week):

  • Classroom 111
  • Open lab 110

Classes and campus operations will not be affected and will still go as scheduled. Buildings that were damaged will be open as well, but classes that are held in the damaged area must switch to an alternate format or be taught in a different area as specified by a faculty member.

Students are encouraged to keep tabs on their Crimson email accounts for updates and details on the affected areas.

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