The University of Alabama's 2nd Avenue overpass is only a couple weeks away from opening, a spokesperson for UA confirmed Monday.

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The mile-long, $21 million pedestrian, auto and bicycle bridge is designed to connect 15th Street to Paul W. Bryant Drive, allowing people to skip over the train tracks and cut down on traffic in the area.

A University spokesperson said the new road will be is scheduled to open at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, August 4

In previous coverage, the University said the three-lane overpass is designed accommodate the over 70,000 vehicles that cross the train tracks each day. This will also allow easier access to DCH in the event of a protracted road closure.

Tim Leopard, Junior Associate VP of Campus Development at UA, said a speed limit has not been officially set for the new road but estimated it will be around 35 miles per hour.

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