The University of Alabama’s Division of Student Life is selling pieces of the historic Tutwiler Hall to raise money for housing scholarships before the residence building is demolished at the end of this academic year.

There’s a limited supply of bricks, room numbers and custom pavers for the new Tutwiler Hall for sale. Ranging from $50 to $250, students, faculty and alumni now have the opportunity to take home a piece of their college experience.

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Tutwiler Hall’s legacy is insurmountable, and UA acknowledged how important this building is for the more than 40,000 students it's housed since its opening in 1960.

“We’re excited about the new Tutwiler Hall and recognized that the current building contains a history and legacy that will live on long after demolition day,” executive director of housing and residential communities Dr. Matt Kerch said Wednesday.

“When Amber Capell had the idea to share the opportunity with past residents to take keepsakes from the building, we knew that could be a great way to not only raise money for future housing scholarships but also let alumni of Tutwiler keep a piece of their UA history forever,” he continued.

The scholarship fund will help freshmen who need housing financial assistance, as well as help current students who do not have a place to live. The new Tutwiler Hall will have the same double-occupancy units as the old, but will now have private bathrooms.

If you’re looking to donate to the scholarship fund, check out this link, and if you would like to purchase a piece of Tutwiler Hall, click here!

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