After doing business in Tuscaloosa for 22 years, the iconic Left Hand Soap Company will relocate to Birmingham and set up shop in the Magic City's Pepper Place shopping center.

The business is owned and operated by Soapy Jones, who said a hobby turned into a livelihood more than two decades ago and has been selling soap in Tuscaloosa ever since.

“Starting in childhood when my grandmother taught me how to make it, soap has always been a part of my life,” said Jones. “Left Hand Soap Co. was at first born as a passion project after I gave soap as Christmas gifts in my early twenties. People began requesting my soap as gifts and Left Hand Soap was born. Over the past 22 years it has evolved into a trusted brand with purposeful, high-quality and all-natural ingredients. If you’ve got skin, we’ve got soap for it.”

For years, Jones sold soap out of her home before setting up a brick-and-mortar shop in Parkview Plaza, her base of operations for more than a decade before moving to her current spot in downtown Tuscaloosa back in 2018.

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Jones said the move to Birmingham simply makes sense as she works to increase awareness of the LHSCo brand and continue growing throughout the state.

Their products will also still be available in Tuscaloosa at a variety of pickup and retail locations, Jones said.

Jones also told the Tuscaloosa Thread that she and her family will still live in Tuscaloosa, and the other ventures with which she is involved will continue as normal -- the Pink Box Burlesque will continue to split shows between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa when it returns from its COVID-19 hiatus, and the Drish House will remain open as one of the city's premiere event venues.

The Tuscaloosa entrepreneurs said her relationship with customers in Birmingham began as a vendor at The Market at Pepper Place and moving into the historic Sensabaugh building full-time just made good sense.

Tom Walker, the Chief Operating Officer of Sloss Real Estate, said in a press release the Magic City is ready to welcome Jones with open arms.

“There’s no better time to announce yet another female entrepreneur’s vision coming to life in Pepper Place than Women’s History Month. Pepper Place seeks out authentic, creative operators, and we believe Left Hand Soap is exactly that,” noted Sloss Real Estate Chief Operating Officer Tom Walker. “We’re incredibly excited Soapy Jones has chosen the Pepper Place District as her flagship location. In addition to being able to find all of her products ready for purchase, we are looking forward to all the creative community activation at Left Hand Soap Co. through classes, workshops and live soap-making.”

Stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread for more information on what will replace LHSCo downtown next to Black Warrior Brewing Company when it becomes available.

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