One of the best-known physicians in West Alabama was recognized by the Tuscaloosa City Council, which named a municipal holiday in his honor Tuesday night.

During the council's weekly meeting Tuesday, Tuscaloosa mayor Walt Maddox and Council President Kip Tyner honored Ramesh Peramsetty, the founder and medical director of several medical offices operating under the banner of the Crimson Network, including Alabama Family Medical Care, both Crimson Care locations, Crimson Village and the Tuscaloosa Weight Loss Center.

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Maddox and Tyner said Peramsetty set up shop in Tuscaloosa in 1998 and for the last 25 years, has been a valuable resource for its residents and leaders alike.

"We all remember his dedication and the way he shared information during COVID and that helped a lot of us, including myself, understand what we were dealing with, being in brand-new territory, and I will always appreciate his wise council," Maddox said. "Any time we needed some advice or assistance, especially in our public safety sector, Dr. P and his entire team were there for the city."

The lion's share of the Crimson Network sits on Veterans Memorial Parkway in the district Tyner has represented for decades. The longtime municipal leader said Peramsetty went into a previously blighted area and turned it into a whole block of modern medical facilities.


"This is a long time coming and the thing I know about my great friend is that we could fill pages and pages and pages with his contributions -- not only to the medical field and being the COVID doctor, the one everyone turned to during that time of crisis for our city and our country -- but he is also one of the most giving people I've ever known," Tyner said. "We could fill pages and pages of a proclamation but I felt like the best thing to do to honor Dr. Peramsetty is just to make it Dr. Peramsetty Day and let that cover a huge umbrella."

So Maddox and the council did just that and declared March 28th to be Ramesh Peramsetty in the city of Tuscaloosa.

(City of Tuscaloosa)
(City of Tuscaloosa)

"Thank you, city of Tuscaloosa, for this recognition and for your support in helping me serve the community for 25 years, especially those who trusted me to provide the care they needed during the entire pandemic," Peramsetty said. "Special thanks to my peer providers, medical teams and business associates who have supported me in this journey. Lastly thank you to my family for their unconditional love and support."

"I look forward to continuing to serve this community that I love the most," he concluded.

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