Police in Tuscaloosa arrested a man accused of sexually abusing a woman in the bathroom of the city's Target supermarket last week and say he has engaged in similar behavior before.

According to information provided by the multi-agency Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit and supplemented by court documents obtained by the Thread, a woman was using the bathroom in Target early last week when a man dropped to his knees in the stall next to her.

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The suspect allegedly reached under the barrier between them and grabbed at the victim's genitals.

Police responded to the store and took 38-year-old Yonis Tomas Morales into custody. The Cottondale man was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, but police also discovered this is reportedly not the first time this has happened.

"Investigators were able to establish a pattern of Yonis going into the girl's bathroom at Target for sexual gratification including a similar incident a month prior," police said in charging documents filed Tuesday.

Now, the VCU is asking anyone else who believes they were victims of similar illegal behavior to come forward so additional charges can be filed if they are warranted.

VCU commander captain Jack Kennedy said the investigation has also found that Morales has used multiple other names in the past.

"We encourage anyone who may have been a victim or knows of any possible abuse by Morales to please contact the Violent Crimes Unit at 205-464-8690," Kennedy said.

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