The Tuscaloosa Over the Edge fundraiser will see its exciting finale on April 10 as certain participants, or "Edgers," rappel off the side of The Tower: the highest building in Tuscaloosa.

The inaugural event took place just two years ago in 2019.

Over the Edge is a national organization that incentivizes nonprofits' fundraisers. It was launched in 2008 and has helped raise a total of $100 million around the world.

Tuscaloosa's local partner is Youth for Christ, an organization designed for student outreach for un-churched middle and high school students. In 2020 alone, YFC ministered 2,500 youths through their programs.

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"YFC mission is to reach youth across our community who do not have a church home. We hope to create a safe place for kids to discuss life, faith and a relationship with Christ," said Tuscaloosa YFC Executive Director Mike Green.

Anyone of any age can participate in the fundraiser, with no experience necessary. Those who raise over $1,000, not including their registration fee, earn a spot to rappel off of The Tower, and those who raise $1,500 will also get a GoPro attached to their helmet. Every $1,000 raised provides 60 teenagers with a mentor for a month.

In 2019, 65 Edgers descended The Tower, having raised over $50,000 for mentoring teens in Christ-sharing community projects, in hopes of connecting them to local churches.

"COVID-19 definitely presented some challenges but OTE does hundreds of these events and they came to us with a full plan as to how to host the event and meet all local covid precautions. We provided the plan to the city and they approved," Green said. "We were just glad to host the event in 2020. It was a bit smaller than 2019 but still a great success."

As of Tuesday afternoon, 57 donors have altogether raised almost $16,000 of their intended $65,000 goal.

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