An inmate in the Tuscaloosa County Jail is facing two new felony charges after he allegedly attacked two detention officers with their own handcuffs earlier this week.

According to court documents obtained by the Thread, Charles Anthony Purifoy was arrested and jailed in April for violating the probation he was granted for a previous third-degree robbery conviction.

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That conviction stemmed from a 2010 arrest in which Purifoy was charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and one count each of first-degree burglary and second-degree assault.

According to the new deposition, detention officers in the jail were escorting Purifoy from one area to another when the inmate "became aggressive and refused to follow commands."

The detention officers attempted to restrain Purifoy and had successfully handcuffed one of his wrists when he snatched the cuffs away and weaponized them, striking one of the officers several times with his own gear.

Jail officers eventually got Purifoy to the ground and under control, but two were injured and sought medical treatment after the incident -- one deputy reportedly injured an elbow and had lacerations to one bicep. The officer who was struck with the handcuffs suffered multiple cuts and swelling on the side and back of his head, his face and neck.

Purifoy was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, a Class C felony, for the new offenses. Because he was already jailed on a probation revocation, he is being held without Bond as of Wednesday afternoon.

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