A Tuscaloosa funeral home is warning the bereaved of a scammer targeting them for their financial information in the wake of loss.

Staff at a funeral home who asked not to be identified by name said two different families have recently reported that shortly after laying a loved one to rest, they received a call from the same number with a 205 area code.

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A man claimed to be with the funeral home and told the bereaved that there was a credit balance on their account and that if they confirmed their credit card information, the money could be paid out to them.

One family provided the information and had a fraudulent charge within an hour, the funeral home warned. They've had to cancel their cards to prevent further theft.

A second family didn't give any information to the impostor but reported it to the funeral home, who confirmed the same phone number made both scam calls.

"We suggest that any calls of this nature be verified by calling the funeral home in question directly," the staff advised. "We think that this is something that might be happening to many families and it would be bad at any time, but it is reprehensible that this is happening to people who are grieving."

Take extra care with your financial information, always verify a caller is who they say they are, and if you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, report it to local police.

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