Two inmates in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, including one accused of capital murder, allegedly assaulted a detention officer there Thursday, according to recently filed court records.

In a deposition made available Friday, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office claimed that there was a medical emergency in one of the jail's cell blocks early Thursday morning and multiple detention officers rushed into the area to render assistance.

Two inmates, Jaboris Hill and Javaris Hughes, were reportedly outside their cells for recreation when the detention officers entered the cell block.

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The jailers ordered the men to get back to their bunks so the medical emergency could be addressed, but Hill and Hughes refused to comply, according to the deposition. When officers stepped in to restrain them, the two inmates allegedly became violent and attacked one of them.

According to the report, both men punched the officer and injured his nose and face.

Hughes is being held in the jail without bond on a capital murder charge stemming from a deadly 2019 robbery. 

He was also charged with second-degree assault last June after he allegedly assaulted a detention officer who was trying to take contraband out of his cell.

Hill is there on a first-degree robbery charge after he reportedly beat a man with a revolver and stole two guns, a wallet and a cell phone from him in August 2020. At the time of the robbery, Hill was on probation for pre-existing drug charges, which was revoked.

Now, both men are facing a new second-degree assault charge for allegedly attacking the detention officer Thursday.

The additional Class C felony is not likely to affect Hughes much -- he will be held without bond until the murder case is resolved, and if convicted of capital murder, he will either spend life without the possibility of parole in prison or face the death penalty.

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