Two men already accused of violent crimes are facing new charges after their cellmate in the Tuscaloosa County Jail accused them of badly beating him in late August.

In new court documents filed Monday, deputies in the jail said they discovered the victim in poor shape while they were cleaning his cell in the early morning hours of August 25th.

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The 29-year-old Tuscaloosa man was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for severe bruising all over his body, a broken nose and a fractured rib.

The victim told deputies that two of his cellmates, Corey Cornell Lucious and Robert Mitchell Williams, were responsible for his injuries.

He said he wasn't sure why the men assaulted him, and Sheriff Ron Abernathy said while he hated to see an attack within the walls of the jails, people who don't "act right" on the streets rarely begin to do so after being arrested.

Williams, 41, has been jailed since he allegedly shot and killed his own cousin during an argument over money in October 2019, He was charged with murder and is still awaiting trial in that case.

Lucious, 28, was charged with first-degree armed robbery and second-degree assault in 2014 after he allegedly broke into a house in Tuscaloosa, assaulted a man there and stole wallets, guns, cell phones and more from the people inside. He pleaded guilty to the robbery charges and had been released, but was reportedly caught with a loaded and stolen handgun last August, leading to new charges and the revocation of his probation.

Both men were formally charged on October 1st with third-degree assault for the alleged jail attack.

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